Monday, November 19, 2012

In which my body betrays me, but the skyr is good

Ok, first things first, the skyr worked beautifully and is creamily delicious. It actually has to drain in the fridge for a while, to get rid of the whey, but that didn't stop us from having a quick taste. The only tricky part is maintaining a good temperature while it ferments; our dehydrator that we were going to use as a heat source has up and died, so we went with a hot water bath that worked fine, but needed fairly constant replenishing. A trip to the thrift store (ValuVillage around here, amusingly pronounced "Valoo Villahge") is in order to get a cheap yoghurt maker.

Now, on to the body betrayal - while out walking the dogs, I slipped on a very small patch of ice (trust me to find it!) and fell on my left knee, scraping it fairly badly and jarring the rest of me to boot. Now, on the surface that doesn't sound too bad, just a little klutzy, could happen to anyone. However, this is the THIRD time I have fallen and trashed that same knee, goddam it - the scabs from the previous time have only just healed, and now I have a nice new set forming. And my whole body aches now, my wrist where I tried to break my fall, my neck from a kind of whiplash feeling, waaahhhhhh!!

This is the kind of thing that, when you're young, you laugh, get up, dust off and keep right on going. Now, at 55, my body isn't made of rubber anymore, and I resent the hell out of that. I can begin to see how my mother got scared of moving, stopped going out, and thereby lost her mobility and then her independence. How dare my body do this to me?

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