Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Contemplative Day

The soggy Friday gave way to a grey and damp Saturday, wherein I have mostly sat upon my arse and knit. I have begun Ankestrick's Organic sweater, in one strand of a fuzzy green mohair and one strand of a 50/50 merino/angora blend, both yarns from This is my first go at a saddle shoulder, and it's requiring more of my attention than usual. But I think, if I don't fuck it up, it will be beautiful.

As I knit, I watch the critters roaming around the living room - my little band of rescues: Louie the geriatric mutt, who came to us via SHAID animal shelter when his owner died, and who still has trouble remembering not to pee on the carpet; Vinnie the dog-who-would-be-awesome, were it not for his habit of trying to eat other, smaller dogs; Oliver the tuxie cat, who can cuddle one minute and savage you the next, Russell orange-boy with his cauliflower ear...there are more cats in the house, but that's all I can see right now. Everybody has their issues, and truthfully they drive me crazy at times, but I love them anyway. Let me show you my babies:

 Louie, elegantly crossing his legs
 Vinnie, looking for his tennis ball
 Oliver, relaxing
Russell, loving on a colour-coordinating scarf.

Maybe y'all have guessed that today I don't have much to write about, but there is peace and satisfaction in a day given over to not much at all. Tomorrow will no doubt be a more happenin' time, but today I'm glad to sit and knit, and love the critters.


  1. Bless you (said the atheist) for adopting all these animals.

  2. hahaha, yeah, bless me indeed; or, as I put it, whatever possessed me to do this? Because, you know, there are 4more cats you ain't seen yet :)