Sunday, May 19, 2013

And furthermore....Cheese! may be time to return to the initial purpose of this blog, in which I talk about finding stuff/making stuff/using up stuff - this one is really cool.

Back in late February, before Fred went back to France, we had some sour milk and some old, icky goat yoghurt. Remember how nothing gets thrown away here? Fred made cheese! We ran the milk and yoghurt through a cheesecloth strainer to let the whey run out, and then put the resulting curds in a couple of molds, and stored them in our wine cooler at 9°C for about a month.

When Fred arrived back on May 2nd, they were coated in some interesting blue and orange moulds. Fred washed them in saline, and let them ripen just a little more. I had to force myself to eat some, because really, they didn't look very pretty. But holy surpriseballs, Batman! They were both good, like real cheese, even!

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